handmade rugs & kilims from Poland

traditional techniques / modern design

customized projects / worldwide shipping


Our studio is situated in the middle of the green lungs of Poland, in the land of one thousand lakes – Masuria. Here everything is ruled by nature. This is why we bow so deeply to this landscape; beautiful, rough and sometimes anthropogenic; this is what inspires and drives us.


We’ve learned to weave in the Folk Culture Museum in Węgorzewo. This place forced us to understand and appreciate the traditional techniques and these are the strong foundations of our work. Materials and techniques used in our rugs and kilims are typical for this region of Poland.


We use sustainable high quality materials: linen, cotton and recycled wool. Our woolen yarn is the leftover from a big polish rug factory. Usually too short yarn would be thrown out or used for producing gray cloths. We decided to give it second life, agreeing to face additional challenges (more in ‘about us’ section!).

design an unique kilim with us!

Our rugs and kilims are two-sided, thick and resistant. Our materials are recycled, our designs are unique.

We have a collection of kilims and rugs in our stock, but we also love to work with our customers. We can personalize project or create a design based on your guidelines. One of a kind.


If we were to find an occupation greater than weaving – we probably could not.


Two sisters born and raised in Masuria, Poland, with one not-so-popular passion.