about us

Two sisters born and raised in Mazury, Poland, with one not-so-popular passion.

We came from a family of a handy person. From woodwork to jewellery, from welding to knitting… From the very beginning, it was clear to us, that we needed to work with our hands and create real objects for real people. Ideally – useful, yet beautiful, maybe even a little artsy? And although one of us is a lawyer and the other – an oceanographer, we were completely hooked on weaving. Craft that is traditional, but with some space for innovations. With its own calming rhythm. Mindful. Based on natural materials. Perfect!

That’s why we decided to complete the Traditional weaving course in the Folk Culture Museum in Węgorzewo. And this is how our adventure began.

The biggest issue for us was the choice of the material for the weft.

about the wool

Environment and animals’ well-being are our priority, so wool wasn’t our first choice. However, we managed to find a source of high-quality wool, that otherwise would go to waste – we use leftovers from a big Polish rug factory. Normally too short yarn would be thrown out or used for producing gray cloths… And that is every ecologist’s worst nightmare – the environment and animals already paid the price and it would all go to waste!

We set our bar high.

We aim for the best quality possible, so we can offer a long-lasting piece that warms up your space for decades.

We care about our planet and all living beings, so we search for sustainable materials.

We create with love, passion and awareness of each of our action.