custom orders

We are sure that we can find a way to make your textile dreams come true!

Need a portrait of your cat? Or an abstract designed based on something that really moved you?

We have a collection of kilims and rugs in our stock (available here), but we also love to work with our customers.

We can personalize the project or create a design based on your guidelines. One of a kind.

step 1.

Let us know what kind of textile are you interested in. A wall hanging? Or a rug? Have you seen something that inspires you? Maybe you have a picture? How big should it be? What colours do you like…? Remember – weaving has quite a few limitations, but together we can create a masterpiece!

step 2.

Now we will have some questions. Fringes or no fringes? What shades of recycled wool yarn should we use? But do not worry too much; when it comes to the aesthetics, you can trust us! Working on a custom design can take some time, but we won’t rest, until everyone is satisfied!

step 3.

It is the time for us to do the hard work. Remember, that we have chosen (most likely) the slowest craft in the world! The tempo of the weaving depends mostly on the complexity of the design, the size of the textile and how busy we are with current orders. It can take two weeks or two months, but it will last forever!

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