Masurian weaves

In 2021 half of our sister duo received an artistic scholarship from the Marshall of Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship.

The scholarship was purposed to a project ‘Masurian weaves’. Six kilims inspired by Jadwiga Tressenberg’s stories from the book “Masurian tales” were woven.

Technique: plain weave, kilims handwoven on a floor loom. Warp: Polish linen. Weft: recycled wool.

Each kilim is 80 cm x 80 cm (plus fringe: 2 x 10 cm) / 31.5 “ x 31.5 “ (plus 2 x 4 “).

Discover the tales below.

The winter night of Naderek

That year, the winter in Możdżany is exceptionally harsh. The whole village suffers from famine; it is no different for Naderek.

Black Yacht

Evil does not spare even the hard-working fishermen. Karol and August are friends, close as brothers. They have the misfortune of meeting the Black Yacht on the Żywe Lake when they are out fishing from their boat at night.

Topnik from the Wolisko Lake

People living near the Borecka Forest know it very well and are afraid of the creatures that inhabit it. The woodcutters claim that there is a drowner, Topnik, living in the lake.

Like it’s alive…

The land around Sołtmańskie Lake is divided, just as the settlers on its banks are divided. Wealth and prosperity on one side; on the other – poverty and hunger.

The heart devourer’s island

In Jakunówka one funeral after the other is held. The unknown plague is killing the villagers. The ones still alive are afraid of the return of the souls of the dead.

Secrets of the Golden Mountain

In Pozezdrze, a noise can be heard from deep beneath the ground. Metallic sounds come from under a hill on top of which a pine grows, its old branches twisted.